Specials Margarita 320 ml, 6-pack
Specials Margarita 320 ml, 6-pack

Specials Margarita 320 ml, 6-pack

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Onis Specials Margarita glass - simply elegant, always ready


Unwind in style with Onis Specials


Presenting the Onis Specials Margarita glass – the understated yet chic choice for anyone who loves a good Margarita. With a comfortable 320 ml capacity and available in a convenient six-pack, it's perfect for those who enjoy the classic cocktail at home or for bars looking to serve up something special.


Key features:


  • Ample capacity: Each glass is designed to hold 320 ml, giving you the perfect portion of your favorite Margarita.
  • Classic charm: The Onis Specials boast a design that's both timeless and functional, fitting seamlessly into any setting.
  • Reliable quality: Onis is synonymous with durability, and these glasses live up to the name, ready for regular use without compromising on looks.
  • Party-perfect: Sold in sets of six, they're ideal for entertaining, ensuring you've got the essentials covered for any social gathering.
  • Sturdy and stylish: These glasses strike the balance between everyday durability and aesthetic appeal, making them a versatile addition to your glassware.


Effortless celebrations with Onis


Onis Specials Margarita glasses are all about making your gatherings effortlessly chic. They're the go-to for those who appreciate the blend of practicality and elegance in their drinkware.


Quality in quantity


Enjoy your Margaritas in a glass that's crafted to last and designed to impress. Whether you're mixing up a storm or serving a simple classic, these glasses meet the mark.

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