A Sotol tasting at Röda Huset

Stockholm's Röda Huset recently hosted an exclusive Sotol seminar and tasting event, drawing in a packed audience of bartenders keen to learn about this fascinating spirit. Guided by the expertise of Ricardo Pico, a renowned figure in the world of Sotol.

As a Global Sotol Educator, co-partner at Nocheluna Sotol, founder of Sotoleros, and owner of El Magico bar in Chihuahua, Mexico, Ricardo shared his invaluable insights into the rich history and culture of Sotol.

The spirit of Sotol

Originating from the northern parts of Mexico, Sotol has a rich tradition and a taste profile distinct from its relatives, tequila and mezcal. This seminar offered a rare opportunity to dive into its artisanal production and the nuanced flavors that define this exquisite spirit.

Ricardo Pico: the voice of Sotol

The seminar was led by none other than Ricardo Pico, whose passion for Sotol is matched only by his extensive knowledge of the spirit. With a career spanning several facets of the Sotol industry, Ricardo brought a wealth of experience to the day. Through his engaging storytelling, attendees were transported to the rugged landscapes of Chihuahua, learning about the spirit's cultural significance and the artisanal methods that have been passed down through generations.

The Sotol seminar at Röda Huset was a memorable exploration of Mexican culture and craftsmanship, thanks to Ricardo Pico's engaging presentation. It was an enlightening experience for everyone interested in expanding their spirits knowledge and exploring new flavors.