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Limited amount available: Tequila Ocho 2023 release PLATA “PUNTAS”

This second release of Tequila Ocho Puntas, overproof at 53% abv, is for the tequila connoisseur who enjoys the full essence of the agave plant and a complex, masterful cut by the hand of the distiller. Puntas is the most coveted cut of the distillate, traditionally reserved for close friends and family.

Second release available

The 2023 release – a follow-up to the first-ever Puntas release in 2021 – is quite special for many reasons. First, it is high-proof artisanal tequila (rare to see in today’s booming tequila world), even higher proof than the first release, now bottled at 106 proof vs 101. Secondly, this release was blended and hand-selected by the finest group of highly recognized tequila lovers and agave aficionados worldwide.

Names like Lucas Assis joined us at the distillery & barrel cellar. They collaborated with Jesse Estes, Carlos Camarena, and his family in hand-assembling the blend & choosing the proof. The likes of Romy Newland wrote the very tasting notes you’ll find on the back label. This was made for and assembled by true agave aficionados and should be enjoyed with no less enthusiasm, for this is truly one of the great tequilas found in the market today.

Best enjoyed neat

We recommend enjoying Tequila Ocho Puntas neat in a tasting glass.

Nose: Immersive green grassy scents, pine, alpine freshness & warm citrus notes. Much like setting foot into the agave receiving patio as freshly harvested pinas are being dumped and chopped.

Palate: Ancho chiles & cracked black pepper. Savory salinity. Glazed candied yams. Salted butterscotch. Almonds. Green apple, charred pineapple, tangerine zest, and green field agave. Dark roasted Italian espresso and toasted cocoa nibs bring trace bitter nuances and act as anchoring base notes. bright, buttery, sleek.

ABV: 53% (106 Proof)

We have a limited number available for bars and restaurants, as well as private import. ⁠