Coming soon: Le Fruit de MONIN Jabuticaba

Known for being the biggest Orange producer in the world, Brazil is also a country that offers the largest variety of products, with often completely unknown flavours.

The Jabuticaba is a great example: this small fruit offers an incredible aromatic complexity that we're thrilled to be sharing with you!

What is Jabuticaba?

This Brazilian fruit doesn't grow on a stem, but on a trunk. Originally from the state of Minas Gerais, it can also be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and more recently in the USA. However, it's still unknown to European customers.

It has a lot in common with açai, acerola and blueberries which are characterized by their high nutritional value and has been used by indigenous Brazilians for its medicinal virtues – anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants and minerals as well as vitamins.


The berry has a purplish-blue colour on the outside with white pulp, and is a bit similar to grape with its delicious woody notes and sweetness. The resemblance has earnt it its nickname "Brazilian Vine".

Original and versatile, you can create all the classics with an original and exotic twist. Let this flavour inspire you to create some amazing applications!