The story of Paragon

During the last few years, MONIN has been exploring remote locations around the globe to find flavour treasures. Together with mixologist Alex Kratena as well as botanists and taste explorers, they have designed a new way to showcase flavours never imagined before and to offer genuine profiles with a long-lasting effect.

Paragon is a human adventure which aims to discover new tastes that give rise to a new generation of cordials made from single rare botanicals.

A botanical odyssey

Our planet's botanical riches exceed the bounds of our imagination and knowledge. Unfortunately, a lot of the earth's biodiversity is jeopardized because of globalisation and standardising. The aim with Paragon is to make unknown aromatic essences from all around the world accessible to those who appreciate exceptional products, so that they can contribute in their own way to preservation and promotion of what our world has to offer.

Three different kinds of pepper

A cordial is a flavoured base with a sweet and sour profile, making it more complex and acidic, and less sweet than a syrup. A cordial is also the best way to showcase peppers, when a syrup is too sweet or a shrub too sour, a cordial offers the ideal balance.

White Penja pepper – one of the best peppers in the world according to the Paragon team. Offers rare animal notes.

Timut – a wild berry from Nepal that needs protecting. A fantastic woody profile, with a taste of grapefruit.

Rue – an astonishing unique berry with amazing hay and jasmine notes.