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Our Lucano family got bigger

We now stock three expressions from Amaro Lucano! The original was born in 1894, from a secret recipe that has been passed down from generations in the Vena family. Amaro Lucano consists of the careful blend of more than 30 specially selected herbs, which characterizes its strong and delicately balanced flavour.

Our range now includes a classic recipe that has made a comeback: the Menta, as well as a non-alcoholic version of the original!

Amaro Lucano Menta

Taken from a traditional Lucano recipe, Amaro Lucano Menta has made a comeback! The fresh aroma and decisive taste makes it perfect for any occasion. Simply served neat in winter or on the rocks in summer – or serve it with water or soda for a refreshing drink.

Amaro Lucano Zero

The Amaro Lucano Zero is designed for those looking for a sophisticated product that can also be used in mixology for an alcohol-free aperitif. The colour is delicately orange and the bouquet is a triumph of Mediterranean essence: aromas of myrtle, rosemary and citrus blend elegantly with chamomile.

The taste is expectedly bitter and surprisingly delicate at the same time. The result is a pleasantly intense yet delicate flavour.