Embassy Champagne 163ml

Embassy Champagne 163ml

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Embassy Champagne: Where Elegance Meets Versatility


Elevate your moments with Embassy Champagne from Onis – a fusion of sophistication and adaptability that transcends the ordinary.



Timeless elegance


Crafted with a wide bowl and a gently tapered rim, this champagne glass enhances every sip with the classic design adding an air of timeless charm to any occasion. It works as more than just a champagne glass, it's also a versatile cocktail companion whether you're serving a shaken classic or an innovative new drink. The sturdy stem ensures a comfortable hold.



The Embassy collection


Explore a curated selection of glassware that embodies opulence and practicality. Elevate your hosting with a touch of sophistication, whether you're toasting to intimate moments or celebrating life's grand milestones.

Raise your glass to a world where elegance knows no limits and versatility is celebrated. 

Indulge in excellence. Explore Glass Embassy Champagne today.

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