Embassy Champagne 163 ml

Embassy Champagne 163 ml

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Onis Embassy Champagne glass: simplicity meets sophistication


Welcome the understated elegance of the Onis Embassy Champagne glass into your home. Designed with both style and versatility in mind, it's the perfect companion for any toast or drink.


Classic design for every occasion


With its wide bowl and tapered rim, this glass is built to enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite bubbly or cocktail. Its classic look brings a subtle charm to any gathering, while its sturdy stem provides a comfortable hold for a casual sip or a celebratory cheer.


Your go-to glassware


Beyond champagne, this glass is a trusty pick for any of your preferred beverages. It's a versatile choice that fits seamlessly into your everyday.


Discover the Embassy collection


Our Embassy Collection is where functionality meets grace. It's all about practical luxury — glassware that looks good and feels right in your hand, no matter the occasion. The Onis Embassy Champagne invites you to celebrate the big milestones as well as the small moments.

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