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Reusable Stirrer/Tube Clear Ø 6 x 185 mm, 200 pcs

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Eco-friendly reusable stirrer/tube: style and sustainability in one


Elevate your drink service with these clear, reusable stirrers that blend functionality and eco-friendlier design. Their sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use, making them a stylish staple for any beverage.


Thoughtfully designed for multiple uses


Crafted for consistency: Each stirrer is meticulously made with precise dimensions of 6 mm in diameter and 185 mm in length, perfect for mixing and sipping.


Key features:


  • Eco-conscious: Offers a sustainable alternative to single-use stirrers.
  • Ideal size: Crafted to fit a variety of glasses and drinks, ensuring versatile use.
  • Bulk availability: Available in packs of 200 to accommodate large events or regular home use.
  • Visual appeal: The clear design adds a sleek, modern touch to your drink presentation.


Choose these reusable stirrers and commit to a greener, more stylish way to enjoy your favorite beverages.

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