Spirit Wine 475 ml

Spirit Wine 475 ml

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Onis 'Spirit' wine glass - the everyday favourite


Balanced enjoyment


Discover the Onis 'Spirit' Wine Glass: with a 475 ml capacity, it's the versatile middle size of the 'Spirit' series. Perfect for those who desire a glass that's just right—not too small, not too large, but ample for a satisfying experience.


Features for the aficionado:


  • Moderate volume: The 475 ml size is a happy medium, offering plenty of room for the wine to breathe while ensuring each sip is enjoyable.
  • Series synergy: Part of the 'Spirit' collection, it works beautifully alongside its siblings to cater to every wine preference.
  • Sturdy elegance: A balance of durable construction and classic design, it's made for the rigors of everyday use while still looking chic.
  • All-occasion glassware: From a quiet dinner at home to a lively celebration, this glass adapts to any setting with ease.


The heart of the 'Spirit' series


This glass is at the heart of the 'Spirit' series—fit for the robust reds, the delicate whites, and everything in between.

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