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News from Merlet

We've got two news from France joining our spirit portfolio!

Amérisse – The bitter aperitif by Distillerie Merlet & Fils

Amérisse combines the emblematic blackcurrant of the Merlet family with several bitter plants and fruits. A complex and tasty bitter liqueur, ideal in easy cocktails or served long with tonic.

For the first time, Merlet, renowned for its blackcurrant liqueur, is applying its know-how to the world of plants and herbs. Amérisse is indeed based on the classical botanicals of aperitif culture such as gentian, wormwood, rhubarb, and angelica. These ingredients, new to Merlet, are then combined with the frank fruity flavours (red fruits, including blackcurrant, and citruses) that have made the Distillery’s reputation.

Amérisse reclaims the aperitif heritage while bringing it into the 21st century. The bitter liqueur is inspired by the spirit of these mythical formulas of the past and places them at the service of today’s mixologists and enthusiasts. A tribute to the aperitif and to French know-how, Amérisse brings something new to the table.

Coperies – Pot distilled & Oak aged Alambic Carentais

COPERIES is a French Single Malt whisky made in an unique distillery. It was born from a centuries-old know-how of the crafting of the most prestigious French brandy. First the distillation is doubly run in Charentais copper pot stills, giving a round and elegant malt distillate. Then the aging is made in French oak barrels, balancing new and old casks, for subtle spicy notes and silky tannins. The result is a floral and fruity whisky of an unequalled finesse.

COPERIES is a very old word for “harvest” in the local dialect. Hence its identity is purely French, and even more specifically “Charentais”. The barley is grown, malted and brewed in France, then distilled and aged at Distillerie Merlet & Fils.

Distillers for five generations in Charentes region, Distillerie Merlet & Fils is well-known for its liqueurs, aperitifs and cognacs. With COPERIES the family company starts an exciting new adventure.